Business Auto

Provides coverage for the use of Autos and Trailers in business (other than Garage or Trucking operation). Business Auto coverage can be written for vehicles provided by the company or for employees who use their own vehicles.

Excess Liability/Commercial Umbrella

Excess Liability coverage grants extended limits above those of a basic business liability insurance policy. For instance, if you have a basic policy with limits at $1,000,000 and it is exhausted by claims, the umbrella will pay the excess. Therefore, any amount over the $1,000,000 limit is paid out by the umbrella policy – whose limit can be as high as $10,000,000, $25,000,000, or even more. Excess Liability coverage can also account for gaps in coverage under basic liability policies.

General Liability

General Liability insurance is coverage for claims of bodily injury, property damage, and personal and advertising injury for which you are legally liable. This insurance is often paired with Property coverage to insure against incidents that occur either on your premises or on the premises of a covered location where business is normally conducted.

Inland Marine

Coverage provided for goods, mobile equipment, and tools when transported over land or water. This coverage can include losses to goods that occur at your premises, while being transported to or from your premises or in storage.


Commercial Property insurance provides coverage for the cost to rebuild or repair real property or business personal property so that operations can continue with as little disruption as possible. Protection includes physical damage to, or loss of, your assets.

Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation is the coverage which provides benefits for employees who suffer an occupational injury. Coverage and premium amount can vary based on the specific coverage provider, payroll information, sales figures, losses, deductibles, experience, and more.

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